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Freelance With Consistency

The Talent:Inc. Writer Network is the largest network of resume writers in the world. With thousands of customers a week, the chances of having steady, consistent work are far greater with us. Better yet, you can take on as much or as little as you want, by just changing the number of your projects requested per day. Simple as that!

Talent:Inc. is looking for freelancers with professional writing experience. If you have additional hiring experience or an HR background, that’s even better! We are committed to the success of our writers – from daily support calls, to a robust help desk ticketing system, to an extensive knowledge base with guides on anything you might want to know about writing a resume – we provide outstanding resources.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Talent:Inc.?

    The mission and corporate goal of Talent:Inc. is to make professional resume writing services affordable for the general public in accordance with Certified Professional Resume Writing standards. We provide cost-conscious, professional resumes and career documents, delivered quickly to the average job seeker who needs professional assistance. The Talent:Inc. mission is to make possible access to senior human resources professionals and Certified Professional Resume Writers without being cost-prohibitive.

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  • The Opportunity

    You will write and edit resumes, cover letters, LinkedIn Profiles, and other job search documents using customers’ existing resumes and additional information submitted via a questionnaire. You will interact with customers using company messaging systems and company interfaces. Some assignments will require telephone interviews with clients. Self-paced, ongoing training resources are available on our virtual knowledge base. Leverage this as extensively or as moderately as you like.

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  • What is Required to be a Vendor for Talent:Inc.?

    To considered for a freelance writing position at Talent:Inc., we require that you have professional writing experience. Providing customers with the value-add of professional writing experience from an objective point of view is one of our absolute top priorities.

    We are looking for you to come to use with a certain amount of experience under your belt. While we don't train writers and consultants, we do provide you with an extensive amount of support and resources.

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  • What is the Support Like?

    While we do not train writers and consultants, because we are looking for you to come to us with a certain amount of experience already under your belt, we do provide you with an extensive amount of support and resources.

    First, we have a dedicated customer and writer support team. Getting answers is as easy as opening a ticket and submitting it to our staff. Whether you are experiencing difficulty with a customer, a challenge figuring out how to present a resume in its best light, or a technical issue – we will help.

    Second, we have an extensive knowledge base in our system that you will have access to as a Talent:Inc. writer. This knowledge base includes documentation in PDF, media, video, and more formats on every different type of resume, customer, industry, and situation that you might possible run into. We also have formats for each brand that have been programmed for ease and usability.

    Last but certainly not least, we have a writer advocacy program. You can submit an advocacy ticket for anything you want to discuss. Be it challenges or positive feedback, we always want to hear from you!

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  • What Can I Expect as a Talent:Inc. Writer?

    Some perks that go along with writing for us:

    Work from anywhere. Want to go to Cancun with the family and still earn money? Set your availability to zero until your flight lands. All you need to do this job are your own qualifications (which yes, we’re pretty stringent on) and an Internet connection.

    No more trolling eLance or selling your services to prospects who don’t know the value of a professional resume and aren’t quite ready to buy. If you’ve ever spent an hour on the phone with a potential client, extolling the exceptional quality of your writing services and ability to assist with their project, only to have them say: “Thanks, I have to ask my spouse” – this is for you!

    Data centralization and organization. All of your clients come to you through our system already paid, with an existing resume and intake questionnaire so you know what their goals are, and in the unlikely event they are displeased with the final product – our customer support team will step in to help you.

    Reliable pay periods. All of our contractor payments are handled by a fully registered bookkeeping firm. Our internal order management system logs every single project you have completed so your payment is accurate and timely.

    Opportunity to earn more money. We sell a la carte services such as phone consultations, LinkedIn profiles, additional edits, and more. Each project offers an additional payment, which is also added to the customer’s order and tallied in our system for you.

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  • How Will I Receive Orders?

    We have our own proprietary software that houses all our customers, writers, resumes, correspondence, and more.

    Each Talent:Inc. contract writer is given his or her own account, where he or she can self-direct the amount of projects desired at any time. Projects are automatically assigned to each writer’s account based on availability of the writer and volume and order flow of the entire company.

    You will receive a centralized order for each client with his or her resume, intake questionnaire, and other relevant documents. You will be able to correspond with them directly in our email system, but there is no requirement to engage in lengthy dialogues unless you need more information.

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  • Why go freelance?

    As a freelance resume writer, you have the flexibility to work from anywhere. You set your own hours and schedule and take as few or as many assignments as you like. Writers may also accept/continue freelance assignments with other businesses. Pay is per project. We encourage the growth of freelance entrepreneurs!

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  • How Do I Get Started?

    Ready to start work? Great!

    Create an account and answer a few qustions. Be sure to set aside some time to go through the process of becoming a writer. Be forewarned, this process is challenging on purpose. We are looking for talented writers who have previous experience in relevant fields, and the best way we can find you is to challenge you.

    The process consists of biographical field blanks to fill out, a resume formatting test (which is not proprietary to Talent:Inc., and requires no previous knowledge of our company), and a request for your own personal resume.

    Please take some time in completing this, as you will only have one step in the process before being accepted to or denied from the network. Please remember, often times the entry exam is more challenging than our customer’s resumes.

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